Multifunctional Desk Light With Fan


This is the only small and space-saving item you need that serves you multiple functions on your study table!



  • USB port provides power for electronic products such as small portable fan (provided), mobile phone charging and etc.
  • USB port for phone charging.
  • Small compartment acts as pen holder.
  • Light stand can act as phone holder.
  • 360 degree bendable light hose.



  • White
  • Pink


Usage notes:

  • Switch ON/OFF button at the bottom of light stand.
  • First short touch: White Light (6500 – 8500)
  • Second short touch: Warm Light (2800 – 3200)
  • Third short touch: OFF
  • Long touch: Adjust brightness
  • While charging, blue light will blink, stops blinking when fully charged.
  • While using USB port, red light appears (indicates that it is working) and will automatically disappear after 15 seconds.
  • To protect the battery span, recharge it when the light starts dimming. Avoid charging only when battery died.
  • Before using, charge for at least 3 hours.




Materials: ABS


Package includes:

  • x1 Desk Light
  • x1 Portable Fan
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Pink, White


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