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About Membership

01 How do I join as member for the Mewbie Home Loyalty Program?

All you need to do is to create an account on our website mewbiehome.com and you will automatically be enrolled as a Mewbie Home Loyalty Program member. Sign Up Now

02 What if I have previously created an account before the Loyalty Program was introduced?

We have recently revamped our website and all accounts have been removed. You may create your account again with the same email as before.

03 Do I get to claim anything from my previous purchase before the Loyalty Program was introduced?

Good news, YES! ALL orders (website / FB / IG / Whatsapp) placed before 27th March 2022 are eligible to re-claim the reward points, even if you did not have an account before. After creating your account, please approach us as we need to manually check your purchase history. Points will be credited upon checking.

04 Is there any fee to join the Mewbie Home Loyalty Program?

No. It’s FREE!

About Mew Points

01 What are Mew Points?

Mew Points are the points you earn by spending on Mewbie Home.

02 What is the value of Mew Points?

Every 20 Mew Points is equivalent to RM1 OFF at Checkout. (no min. spend required to use your points)

03 How do I earn Mew Points and when will they be rewarded?

a. Registration – Register an account with us on mewbiehome.com and you will be credited with 50 Mew Points instantly. Sign Up Now

b. Shopping – Every RM1 spent (including shipping fee) on website is equivalent to 1 Mew Point. Mew Points will be credited after payment is received.

c. Total Spent – If you purchase above RM150 in one single order, an additional of 100 Mew Points will be rewarded to you. Mew Points will be credited after payment is received.

d. Review – Every review given is entitled for 10 Mew Points. Reward will be credited to your account once your review is verified.

#Notes for Review:

(i) There are 2 ways for you to submit your review. One, post an IG story and tag us. Two, submit a review on the product page on our website.

(ii) Once review is posted, kindly inform us to verify it. If your IG is a private account, do send us a screenshot via DM.

(iii) Reviews on different platforms and different products are counted differently. Eg: You purchased product A and product B, reviewed on both product pages, and posted an IG story. You are entitled for 30 Mew Points in total. (10pts for product A, 10pts for product B, 10pts for IG story)

04 Do I earn points if I order from other platforms like IG DM / FB Messenger / Whatsapp etc?

As long you have an account with us on mewbiehome.com, you are a member of Mewbie Home Loyalty Program. Mew Points will be recorded regardless of the platform you used. However, if you are a member but you purchase via other platform and NOT on website, kindly notify us about your membership.

05 How do I check my Mew Points balance?

You need to first login to your account. Then, you can check your Mew Points balance at My Account > Mew Points. You can also view your Points log there. Check Here

06 How do I redeem my Mew Points?

Mew Points can be redeemed and applied at Cart / Checkout. There will be a column for you to fill in the Mew Points you wish to spend on that order.

07 Can I transfer Mew Points to another account?

No. Mew Points are non-transferable.

08 Can I exchange my Mew Points for cash?

No, Mew Points earned are not exchangeable for cash. They can only be used at Checkout as discount.

09 Will my Mew Points expire?

No. There is no expiry for Mew Points.