About Us

Hi there! Welcome to Mewbie Family!

Mewbie Home was established in November 2020.

Why the name ‘Mewbie Home’?

As many can already tell by the sound of ‘Mew’, it represents ‘Cat’, and when Mew-bie is put together, it simply means ‘Cat Person’ or ‘Cat Lover’.

‘Home’ is pretty self explanatory. It represents the shelter, the haven, the home that we reside and live in.

If you ever stumbled across our page, you are part of our Mewbie Family! 🙂

How did ‘Mewbie Home’ come by?

We are both animal (mainly cat :p) lovers and home decor enthusiasts.

We feed stray cats (sometimes dogs) and are always on the look for new ways to decorate and optimize the usage of space in our small room.

They don’t sound relatable to each other, but those are two of the main things that revolve around our daily lives, which explains ‘Mewbie Home’.

What is Mewbie Home’s goal?

Lifestyle & Gifting

Just like the lifestyles that we live by, we want to help and journey with you while you learn to love life, enjoy life.

While self love is essential, spreading love is as fulfilling. Pamper yourself and don’t forget your loved ones too!

Mewbie Home focuses on making your parcel special and personalized. Hit us up if you are planning to surprise someone with a love note or a special gift wrap. Leave a note and we will handle the rest!

In Mewbie Home, our goal is to bring you products that are high-quality and aesthetic.

We handpick our products very carefully and make sure they are functional, decorative and practical.

Last but not least, customers satisfaction is our utmost priority. We value all of your support and are always aiming to improve as time goes.

We are constantly expanding our collection, so do hang around more often! 🙂


Mewbie Home